My name is Heather, and I am a theatre artist based in New York City. I am originally from Cambridge MA, and feel like I need to include that because no one has clarified when I get to start saying I am from Manhattan yet.

I made the move to the greater metropolitan area in 2014 to study Musical Theatre and Directing at Marymount Manhattan College. Since graduating in 2018, I have been stretching my abilities as a both a performer and director by collaborating on several new productions, from children’s theatre workshops to staging a new, two act musical.

When it comes to performing, I love any oppurtunity to connect with an audience, whether it be children, classmates, or just my roommate and a camera. I am particularly interested in the process of working with new writers and creators, and getting to learn about a new subject or time in history does not hurt either.

As a director, I have an affinity for dark comedy and love to challenge of working in unconventional theatre spaces.

When not in rehearsals, I like exercising, reading plays, and experimenting with new banana bread recipes. Those close to me have been known to describe me as “definitely a scorpio.” I prefer eccentric.